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From my atelier 

" I paint simply because it makes me feel good, and gives me lot of fulfillment, it is my way to express myself and communicate with the world. "


Born in Iceland I grew up in a small town closed to Reykjavik, surrounded by lava fields on one side and the Atlantic ocean on the other side. In 2000 big changes became in my life, as I moved to France with my family. Few years later I decided to devote myself to my passion and since 2009 I have been working full time as a professional independent artist based in France. I have held several solo exhibitions both in France and Iceland and taken part in many group exhibitions in both of these countries as well as in UK. My paintings have been sold worldwide to private collectors, up until now in 25 countries.

My work is abstract style and I use acrylic and mixed media. I love to play with colors, shapes and textures in order to creat different effects and reliefs. With multiple layers of paint and different texture mediums I build up depth and interesting texture to my art. The main source of my inspiration is nature itself, especially the amazing landscape of my home-country Iceland. I am fascinated by the natural elements (water, earth, air and fire) which are the themas of my paintings. In my work I seek to reflect motion, force and contrast that can be seen in the nature and I like to oppose light and dark, rough and smooth, thick and thin.

Thanks so much for your interest, it is a great pleasure for me to share my work and passion with others. Do not hesitate to contact me for further informations, questions or remarks.

Take care, KLARA G
From my atelier
From my atelier
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